How to enter the Degree Course in Science of Architecture
Students can attend this Course after an entrance exam. 
Available places in the Degree Course in Science of Architecture are 146 in addition to 2 places for non-EU students. 
To apply for entrance exam
The candidate must make his application on the site indicating, in order of preference, the desired seats and taking into account that he will take his examination in the seat indicated as “first choice”
What is a Test of Architecture
Entrance exam is only one and its content is the same throughout Italy. Its date, requirements and programs are regulated according to the Decree of the Ministero dell'Istruzione, Università e Ricerca (MIUR) (Ministry of Education, University and Research).
The test is carried out on paper in 60 multiple-choice questions (five options), only one of the indicated answers is correct.
The subjects of the entrance exam are:
- General culture: 4 questions
- Logical reasoning: 23 questions
- History: 14 questions
- Design and representation: 10 questions
- Mathematics and physics: 9 questions
Students have 100 minutes to carry out the Test of Architecture.
The test is assessed on a maximum of 90 points.
The scoring system includes:
a) 1.5 points for each correct answer
b) -0.40 for each wrong answer
c) 0 point for each lack of answer
Candidates who do not attain a minimum of 20 points are not declared qualified and in no case they will be admitted to matriculation.
To be admitted to courses students must have a sufficient general culture, particularly in historical, social and institutional issues, in addition to an ability to work on different written texts about art, literature, history, sociology, philosophy, etc., and an aptitude for logical and abstract reasoning both in mathematical and in linguistic field.



How to prepare for the entrance test
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