Typologies of cfu (university training credits) by student’s choice
There are three kinds of activities that can give CFU by student’s choice:
A – planned activities proposed by teachers through an offer on the website DiARC and on the websites of Courses;
B – non-planned activities coordinated by teachers or initiatives proposed by outside concerning specific educational aims which are fulfilled during the academic year;
C – free activities (neither planned nor proposed by teachers) decided by students together with the Coordinator of CdS and with tutors who guarantee their educational and cultural coherence.

A.1 At the beginning of every academic year DiARC offers Courses and Cycles of biannual seminars proposed by full professors with the participation of experts and scholars; Download
programmi I sem| and programmi II sem| of free credit activities for the academic year 2014/15. The different activities proposed for credits of student’s choice (vedi elenco see list) allow to acquire, according to their duration, 1, 2, or 3 cfu.
A.2 The teachers of the Degree Course can propose research modules of their own course (2CFU) in which students can take part after the end of the exam.

These activities are proposed by teacher or external institutions and take place during the academic year or the summer break (workshops, conferences or study trips proposed by a teacher, seminars, etc.). They may also be carried out within single disciplines (research modules in official courses).

Free activities can be divided into:
C.1 Individual in-depth study
C.2 individual participation in institutional courses
C.3 individual study trips
C.1 Individual in-depth study – Students may carry out their own in-depth study about architectural issues. This study must include the participation in a certain number of events – at least four – (meetings, seminars, presentations of books, presentations of researches, etc.) having scientific and cultural coherence. Therefore a student is free to submit the recognition of activities linked to cultural events to a teacher of the Department, who will be his tutor. This teacher should recognize a commitment of at least 25 hours and consent.
C.2 Recognition of free credits activities for individual participation in institutional courses within other courses or Departments. Students will be allowed to take part in institutional courses subject to authorization of CdS Coordinator and of the course teacher who will indicate the commitment and how to verify the acquired knowledge.
C.3 Individual study trips and participation in exhibitions (IN EXPERIMENTATION) – CFU of student’s choice can be recognized to students who want further deepen the study of some architectures through exhibitions and travels (in Italy or abroad) whose objectives and/or itineraries must be previously agreed with a Commission that will meet once a month to evaluate individual proposals.