This study course gives assistance for periods of training abroad, both within Erasmus mobility scheme for the purpose of study, through the funds the Erasmus National Agency granted to the University, and for international mobility according to specific non-Erasmus agreements.
As concerns Erasmus outgoings for the purpose of study, the selection public notice is issued by the International Office of the central University which every year offers for each Department a list of available scholarships of any individual course or group of courses within the Department.
The department takes care of collecting acceptances of scholarships by winner students and of the Learning Agreements. Moreover, it is involved in granting, always according to the ranking, the remaining scholarships which had not been granted in the first phase or those available after the winner students did not accept them. On students’ return, the International Office provides for transferring the Transcripts of Records reporting the exams students passed during the period abroad and their related marks to the competent department. As to Erasmus incoming, the International Office takes care of sending to the competent Departments the lists of incoming students together with their Learning Agreement, for the subsequent approval and acceptance by the teacher who promotes this exchange.
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For erasmus incoming students: