Technology of Architecture
integrated for the Workshop for Final Project in Architectural Planning


Prof. Marina Rigillo






The general aim of the course is to provide students with the technological design skills by which completing the final synthesis lab work. According to the theme of the year (selected with the professor of architecture design, Prof. Adelina Picone) the specific aim of the course focuses on the issue of urban regeneration in order to provide conceptual and operational tools for understanding the characters of the built environment, with reference to the recognition of site identity here analyzed in terms of technological sub-system and recurrent materials. Starting from the specificity of the site's constructive tradition, students will be supported in giving spatial and technological solutions trough which responding to the project requirements for re-designing and re-functionalizing existing artefacts or available areas, according to sustainability and compatibility choices design.

The course is structured in two parts. A first block of frontal lessons is designed to develop critical skills in relation to the interpretation of the constructive solutions and of the existing built environment. Trough the analysis of some paradigmatic architectures, the course highlights the specificities of the major technological systems (masonry, drywall, mud and concrete) by deepening the concepts of multiscalary dimension of technological design, the concept of hybrid technology, the concept of innovation. The second part of the course is devoted to the lab-work , according to the learning by doing approach. The goal of this phase is the design of the type-technological solutions appropriate to the needs of the project program and of the operational context .



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