Industrial design

Prof. Alfonso Morone





Syllabus (Learning aims)
The general theme of the design of the places of consumption will be approached from a dual aspect, that of a reflection on the role of consumption, in its physical representation through the various expressions commercial, and one aimed at providing students with those instruments initial design, but specific, for those wishing to undertake the work as a designer in the field of retail design.
Course description
The course aims to address a particular aspect of industrial design : the design of a temporary commercial space, achieved through the use of components industrializable to make it potentially replicable and adaptable to different circumstances and dimensional locational.



To develop the preparation of a Temporary store, a store whose opening is limited in time to one year, to be set up within the city of Naples.
Each group will be assigned a young fashion brand, not yet present on the Italian market, which we have previously interpret and represent the values. At the same time it requires each group a concise representation of a predominantly visual identity of the city of Naples, through a personal itinerary motivated, finally identifying the urban area and the specific space where you will place your Temporary.
Then, you developed a concept relating to a temporary store, which should include the adaptation and integration of the distinctive characteristics of the brand identity elements with their own needs and the reality of Naples, obtained by the development of an appropriate theming.
The project proposal of the commercial space will be developed considering two fundamental elements: the low cost and integration with spaces together with the commercial function should provide for a further different function of a social nature (i.e. Temporary exhibition space, laboratory craft, space for music bar, space for communication and dissemination activities to promote social, etc.. )
Each group, consisting of a maximum of 2 people, you will be assigned a specific brand is not yet present on the Italian market with its commercial spaces.
As an example, we show some of the brands that will be the subject of the project work :
_iron fist           
_eleven paris   
_the orphans arms
_Dr Denim        
The project proposal will be developed with reference to a specific space located within the city of Naples. This space may be coincident with a real estate unit of a commercial nature actually exists which might be currently engaged from other commercial activities, but can also be found at ' internal spaces or public areas outdoors.
Stages of work and materials expected:
The design activity will be carried out through four stages, which correspond to specific artworks and specific materials that will be provided at the beginning of each of the activities :
1st Phase_BRIEF
Interpretation of the brand identity, representation of the identity of the city and finding the urban area within which identify the specific space (location) in which to place the store.
In this phase, the students will have to make a work of interpretation driven character of the brand, and in parallel a visual narrative of his own experience of the city of Naples.
This part will be exposed through a projection of power point slides.
2nd Phase_CONCEPT
At this stage must be identified, the idea of ​​the project construction, starting from an integration of several functions: a social function, to be placed within the space of the store, along with the more strictly commercial.
The identification of the concept can be told through sketches and evocative images, render rough.
Also in this case the work will be presented through a power point projection, possibly accompanied by early drawings.
3rd Phase_SOLVING
Starting from an hypothetical metric sizing and maximum space in which shall be placed the temporary store, you will have to proceed to the representation of the design solution according to the following contents:
_ general distribution in which to place a floor plan of the space on a first functional organization, where they are identifiable in general, the areas dedicated to the sale, those dedicated to the social function identified, and those services;
_ initial sketches and CAD render that show the main allestitive components;
_ the main elements of the solution exhibition set up through the following components:
   - Architecture (solution of the walls, the floor, ceiling )
   - Lighting (formalized in plan and section of the cone of light of different light sources indicating where the lights are concentrated or diffuse)
   - Furniture (representing the main parts of its: horizontal benches, display blocks, containers, dressing rooms, services)
   - Materials (provide a sampling of the various materials used)
_rappresentazione full planimetric 1:25
_render and general settings
_model 1:25
4th Phase_FINAL WORK
The presentation of the work during the examination will be using a display mode that makes it possible to expose all of the graphics products, and material produced. It will be based on the allocation to each group of work of a small physical space that can be set up taking into account the specific needs of a correct and complete exposure of the whole work produced.
Parallel to the project activity will be kept lessons and communications that will deal with the evolution of the sales areas of fashion and design, from its origins to its core themes in the contemporary world, illustrating finally what are the current modes of representation and communication of the project of a shop. The lectures will take as a reference teaching materials that will be provided to students.
Codeluppi,V., Lo spettacolo della merce, Milano, Bompiani, 2000
Morone A., Gli spazi della moda: dal negozio vetrina ai concept book, in Codeluppi V., Ferraresi M. ( a cura di), La città e la moda, Roma 2007, Carocci Editore, pagg.51-72.
Scodeller D., L’architetto nello spazio della merce, Electa, Milano 2007
 The lessons will be conducted with reference to the following didactic material :
Morone A., Dispensa didattica, a free download from the web page of the teacher
The exam will be done through a collective exhibition of the work, each working group will be assigned a small physical space that can be prepared in a specific way depending on the materials produced.