Architectural survey and Cad (students A-D)

Prof. Massimiliano Campi  




Syllabus (Learning aims)
The course aims are to train architecture students in disciplines related to the theories and methods of  survey and the representation of the architecture and the environment.
Course description
An architectural work is a complex system, whose investigation and the consequent knowledge is realized only in the presence of an analytical/ cognitive method, based on recognized scientific principles and methodological criteria of proven effectiveness. Geometry and survey are part of the design which enable the analysis and identification of morphological characters that underlie the shape and its expressive meaning.
The study of descriptive geometry allows the recognition of all elements generators which regulate the aesthetic/formal balance in architecture. 
The course deals with traditional survey instruments and those technologically advanced - such as GPS, satellite remote sensing and laser scanners, LIDAR - in order to get hold of modern methodological approaches and experimental choices, also in relation to the objectives and characteristics of different cases of study.
The architectural survey is intended in its broadest sense of full investigation about all the identifying characteristics of an architectural work. In this consideration, architectural survey provides a tool for the understanding of the rules and compositional aspects of a good project.
Articulation of lessons
The course will consist in theoretical and practical lessons, during which it will be analyzed the different modes of representation of urban and architectural space.
Students must to develop the study of architectural examples, to perfect about the different representation techniques learned during the lectures.
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The attendance is mandatory.