Architectural Design Studio 2A

Prof. Anna Maria Puleo





Syllabus (Learning aims)
The workshop of Architectural Planning 2 aims to capture some of the design tools and make them experience in a design exercise, centered on the relationship between the project and the new identity of the place.
Course description
For the elaboration of the project, the student must synthesize a process of study and experimentation through drawing They will, therefore, required to produce both study sketches and project "freehand" drawings in autocad that two-and three -dimensional (axonometric and perspective).
The course is accompanied by exercises of reading the constitutive rules of space and shape of works of architecture. The morphological reading of the place before the design exercise. The design exercise is divided into two parts: the design of the building in relation to its location (volumetric shape, alignment, construction of the figure, the guidelines of the geometric construction) and the development of project themes (volume, facade, facilities, system access and connections, space housing).
Ten lessons are accessible from the portal Web Learning Federica, consisting of written text, audio, images, videos, links to websites, which are summarized the main issues: examples of insertion of a modern building in a historical context (classes 1, 2) ; notes on the space of the old city, the urban settlement of the historic city center of Naples (classes 3, 4, 5, 6); aspects of space research and the methodology of the house ' observation of the works of ancient and modern architecture (classes 7, 8), examples of buildings of the twentieth century (Lesson 9), the design exercise (Lesson 10).
Articulation of lessons
The Laboratory is divided into successive steps - that mark the process of studying the examples and the place and the design exercise - with the delivery of drawings, which will be subject to verification of the teacher.
The exams consist of the exposure of the design process, centered on the illustration of the relationship between the experience of study and the empirical experience of the project.
Examination drawings are:
1. the project drawings in format A1;
2. the report in an A3 landscape, where collection is a summary of the entries in the study, reduced project drawings and photos of the model ;
3. a CD, containing the project drawings in dwg and pdf
4. the model in 1:100 scale
Anna Maria Puleo, Laboratorio di Progettazione Architettonica 2 Web portal Federica Learning.
(lessons can also be downloaded in podcast format)
AA.VV., Total Housing. Alternatives to urban sprawl, Actar, Barcelona New York 2010
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F. Venezia, Che cosa è l’architettura, Electa, Milano 2011
R. Moneo, Inquietudine teorica e strategia progettuale nell’opera di otto architetti contemporanei, Electa, Milano 2005
A. Monestiroli, La metopa e il triglifo. Nove lezioni di architettura, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 2002
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L. Quaroni, Progettare un edificio, Nove lezioni di architettura, Mazzotta, Milano 1977
Information and communications with the teacher will be made through a group, that will be create by Facebook.