Fundamental of Computer Science A (students A-L)

Prof. Salvatore Sessa







Objectives:  to provide knowledge of basic computer science, spreadsheet  and introduction to computer graphics that is preparatory to the applications in use of architecture software.

Teaching program:  lectures and screenings in the classroom.


Digital Graphic: Definition of different image formats. Theory of color. General Settings. User interface. Select commands. Balance of the image. Palettes and tools. Clone Stamp. Healing Brush. Proofing.

Spreadsheet: Entering data. Formulas and the most used functions. Bar charts. Equations with one unknown with Goal Research. Applications to professional invoice and metrical computation.

Computer Basics: The PC. The Software.  Glossary of technical terms.

Bibliography: For modules Spreadsheet and  Computer basics:  you can download the files from site, in the public area in the "educational materials" and choosing the folder for your undergraduate degree.

Bring the day of examination  the  ESERCIZI_DA_PORTARE_AD_ESAME” folder.

Recommended books:

B.S. Gottfried, "EXCEL 2000", published by McGraw-Hill, 2000. ISBN: 9788838608667.

Learning assessment completion: Oral test and a practical test