Architectural Design Studio 1B (students E-O)

Prof. Mirko Russo






The aim of the course is to impart in the students' first design experience, the complex nature of the architectural process and turn it in a discrete system that consist in five fundamental steps: identification of the "theme", knowledge of the "place", choice of the "type", synthesis of "construction" and definition of the "character" of architecture.

Contents and articulation

According with the Theory and Technique of Architecture's course, the workshop will start from the theoretical notions already acquired, from some critical readings and from works related to the main topic's presentation. The theoretical lessons will be focused mainly on the compositional aspects of architecture, followed by some exercises and works on "references" to build the "tools" that will guide the students in the individual project. The main topic of the workshop, in according with the research proposed by INCIPIT LAB, will concern the conception of a small "hall" that will constitute the dépendance of an author's house. 


Way of work 

The main part of the work will be individual, but some moments of sharing are considered indispensable, the students will work in groups during the exercises and in the final project. During the workshop, collective checks will be proposed through the projection of works in progress as well as those of an individual nature.


Final exam 

The final evaluation is individual and is influenced, for each student, by their own development path. The final boards will be in A2 format, the layout's composition, for single and collective works, will be agreed during the course in conjunction with the type of representation. During the workshop, the students will work in a group to build a general model and then, individually, will proceed to the models of their projects, according to technique and materials.