Construction of building A (students A-D) 


Prof. Mariangela Bellomo






The course of Construction of Building aims to make students acquire the basic knowledge, methods and tools necessary to move from a project idea to its concrete realization. The adoption of the systemic logic and its application to the construction allows you to identify the parts of a building, the relationships that exist between them, the connections between technical choices and outcomes figurative and environmental issues. It is a tool through which the student is asked to investigate a work of architecture and to recognize in it the role of concrete evidence of the material culture of the society that created it.

The study of the construction process allows the students to make a reflection on the relationship between resources -tangible and intangible -, manufacturing processes, management and eventual disposal of the work of architecture. With this goal, the course covers the basic concepts of the discipline, terminology and technical conventions.

Course description

The contents of the discipline of Architectural Technology, which will provide the basic framework of the introduction to the course are grouped into two categories: general issues and topics of specific issues.

General themes

- The build as " cultural act " and " technical act ";

- The transition from idea to its realization;

- Industrialization construction to industrial production for building;

- The principles of environmental sustainability;

- The role of technology in the development of architectural design.

- Performance approach to design;

Specific exercise

- The concept of building systems;

- In building systems;

- Production process of materials and building components.

Didactic Organization

The course is divided into theoretical and practical graphic communications, aimed at verifying the basic knowledge acquired by the students and assess their application.


The Architectural Technology.

The industrial revolution and Architecture.

Sustainable development and the construction world

Systemic logic and building system.

- Supporting structures. Characteristics, properties, performance: the foundation structures, structures of elevation, floors.

- Closures. Characteristics, properties, performance : perimeter walls, flat and inclined roof, window frames.

- Partitions. Characteristics, properties, performance : walls, interior doors, stairs.

- Notes on the plants.

Building process.

Logic of needs / performance.

Norma and architectural design.

Materials and construction systems.

Final exam achievement

The final exam is an interview, focusing on the topics and exercises carried out during the course.


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For specific elements:

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