Descriptive Geometry and Cad Design B (students E-O)
 annual course

Prof. Roberta Montella




Learning aims
The course aims is to provide the basics of Descriptive Geometry and its applications in architecture, as well as providing students with the main techniques of digital representation (CAD).

The Descriptive Geometry, science that studies the geometric shapes of the space and transcribe those in visual language models, will be presented as a complement of the survey and representation subjects.
So representation codified methods will be studied according to a theoretical and practical approach, in order to guide students in visualization and reading of the architectural space configurations with the help of automatic drawing.

Course description
Theoretical and practical exercises will provide students with the tools of projective geometry, homology, representation methods (Monge's method, axonometry, perspective) and digital representation.
The evaluation of the knowledge and skills acquired during the course will be verified through elaborate summary charts that provide for practical application to a case study of the topics delt.

Articulation of exam
The final exam will consist of an oral exposition of the topics delt with the course and with the evaluation of the drawings finalized to the interpretation and communication of case study, together with exercises and the tables realized during the lessons, to verify the correct use of the Descriptive Geometry and automatic drawing tools.

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