Architecture drawing B (students E-O)
annual course

Prof. Daniela De Crescenzo






Learning aims
Acquire scientific knowledge of the methods of representation and graphic conventions. Make explicit the role of drawing in the process of analysis and representation of Architecture. Promote the integration of traditional methods of representation with the techniques of digital representation.

The architecture, as mediated process which is based on its graphic models, is expressed through the realization of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models used for the study and communication of architectural design. The theoretical treatment is finalized to promote the acquisition of the concept of drawing as a language and of projective principles that help translate reality into flat representations.

The course will consist in theoretical lessons and practical exercises interconnected which will be checked periodically and delivered in the examination. Also is planned the application to a case study, that will allow the evaluation of the knowledge and skills acquired by the candidate.

Theoretical framework
Iconic language
Drawing and model
Graphic language: concept of line
The primary elements of graphic language: point and line
The secondary elements of graphic language: surface, form, texture, background, depth
Tools of drawing

Geometric drawing
Geometric constructions

Technical drawing
Orthogonal projections: fundamental principles and conventions

Architectural drawing
Conventions and graphic rules
Representation scales
Type and thickness of lines
Quota system
Plan and planimetry
Elevation, theory of shadows

Fundamentals of 2D representation and print management

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